Yoga for the Soul

Grounded in the earth as well as in the sky

Grounded in the earth as well as in the sky

 A 5-week meditation series with Eva Rosenkranz

starting October 1, 2014 at 7:45 pm at Grapevine Yoga

Would you like to feel more joyful?
Or would you just like to have more peace of mind?

Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose. In the course
of a lifetime we all encounter loss and grief.

This can be loss of a dream, a lost job, or the ultimate loss–
the death of a person dear to us.

In this 5-week meditation series, “How to Handle Life’s Losses,” you will learn to apply
the wisdom of yoga to re-establish or maintain a peaceful mind. This can be very powerful, even if you feel like falling into a bottomless pit.

With grace you will be able to handle the situations life throws at you, no matter how big your personal win or loss may be.

Using the Yoga Sutras as interpreted by Nischala Joy Devi as a guideline, we will explore the nature of our minds through lecture, reflection, discussion, and a variety of meditation techniques.





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