Mom & Me or Family

Well, Yes, there is a way for you and your child or your whole family to work out together.

Do something that is good for you and your child.  Mom and Me classes allow you to re energize and re- focus  while spending time with your pre-school to elementary age child.

These classes will help you both have great fun while enhancing fitness.


Family Yoga:   Fun  &  Fitness!  

Family Yoga is a special way to reconnect parents and children, strengthening bonds, learning and having fun together.  Everyone will be successful in Family Yoga–even if you question your fitness!  Improve focus, body image, listening skills and balance!

Here’s what participants have to say:

            “My daughter and I find that yoga helps us to relax and gives
             us tools to help with some chronic health issues.  We look 
             forward to our weekly class all week long.”
                                                                                                Kay K. 

             “I love yoga because it is fun and it makes me relaxed.  Before
               yoga started, I felt stressed.  Now I feel a lot better.  So I think 
               you should try yoga.”
                                                                      Asha S., 9 years 
Family Yoga is Available on Request: Contact  Eva   to Schedule your appointment.

Fees are reasonable: $70/ hr for One Family – up to 3 family members
       $85/hr for Two Families – maximum of 7 people
                                   $100/hr for Groups of 8 -12 people                        

Family Yoga is fun for all!


Come see what we can all do
together in a Family Yoga class!


We love to practice yoga together!


Participating with your children lets them know how important they are
to you — and that you value fitness and movement.


Look at us bend and stretch!


“Sometimes we help each other in poses!”

The instructor will provide guidance & safe alternatives.  Eva is trained and qualified to teach children and adults.  

I'm having fun with my family!


“This is so much fun!” 

“I didn’t know you could do
that pose!  You are great!”

 “See how strong I am?   
Can you do this?”  

"Mommy, this is how to do yoga!"

Family Yoga classes offer a special chance to play, relax
and connect with your child!