Summer Camp Programs

Well, Yes, summer fun and learning are not mutually exclusive when your children are learning yoga.

For schools and other organizations which work with children, we offer 1-week, fun-filled summer camps which use the basics of yoga stretches, breathing techniques, visualizations and games, set in real or imaginary lands.

We are very flexible on the numbers of hours per day (minimum 2) and, if you wish,  integrate the yoga camp in your overall theme.

Camps are geared to children ages K to 5th grade.

Join one or more of our Summer Camps for Kids Ages 5 – 11

with Yoga, Meditation,
Cursive Handwriting &
Writing and Illustrating Their Own Book

We’ll have great fun, improve our  focus and flexibility, just to name a few, to build a strong body and mind.
For each week  we will have a different focus.

  • Week 1, starting July 9:   how can yoga support and strengthen your body and its systems?
  • Week 2, starting July 16: how can we create a peaceful and joyful mind, even under challenging circumstances?
  • Week 3, starting July 23: how can we take care of our body and mind so they support each other?
  • Week 4, starting July 30: how can we create a strong body and mind with yoga?

Each day we will also spend about 30 minutes on cursive handwriting.

Stories with pictures from various cultures, present and past, will be based on these weekly topics and fuel the children’s creative expression in illustrating and writing their own book.
Mon. – Fri., Jul. 9 – Aug. 3, 2018

2:00 – 5:00 pm

@ The Talent Learning Center,        
780 S MacArthur, Coppell

Fee:   1 week:   $ 180.00

2 weeks: $ 350.00

3 weeks: $ 450.00

4 weeks: $ 550.00


The instructor is Eva Rosenkranz , a former Montessori teacher, now yoga teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist,  5 HT Wellness Coach, and Reiki Master.


Fun     Focus     Flexibility
For questions or to sign up text Eva at
214.794.3274 or email her at