PE Program

Well, Yes, physical fitness can be a low-impact exercise.

Yoga offers cardiovascular exercise, strength building, flexibility , energy heightening and inner tranquility.  And, it accomplishes it without the stress on joints and a lower risk of injury.

Our physical education curriculum meets state standards for use in schools. The program uses poses and routines that will help students burn excess energy and increase their physical fitness while increasing internal calmness and promoting greater focus.

It also fosters a lifelong strategy for managing stress and anxiety.


We offer various options of training for classroom management:

Basic Workshops

Learn some of the basic techniques to use in a classroom, the basics about Yoga Ed philosophy and approach and research results on yoga in school environments.


Practice the tools and learn which tools address specific needs. They are geared to managing the class as a whole and creating optimal learning readiness. 2 to 3 hour workshops allow for introduction and practice of the tools. 1 – 2 day intensives allow for individual teaching practice with constructive feedback and prepare a teacher to use the tools with confidence.


Other Workshops

Other workshops address specific behaviors and needs of individual children as well as children with Dyslexia and related disorders, anxiety, depression, bullying etc.