Yoga Education for Schools

Well, Yes, introducing children to yoga is a great low-impact way to help them begin a life-long health strategy today.

Successful learning requires students to be energized with passion for learning yet relaxed to be focused.

In a study by Yoga in Schools, which used the same program, teachers observed significant delines in behaviors which inhibit the learning process like, restlessness, anxiety, tenseness, sleepiness and agitation:

Conversely, the Yoga in Schools study revealed a marked increase in behaviors which foster an ideal learning environment such as increase in focus, attentiveness, sense of calm, and student confidence:

The results were achieved as teachers used the yoga tools in the classroom. In addition,  their students had a yoga class once per week as a PE substitute.

Yoga is a great tool to achieve this balance. Its practice creates a positive learning environment for students and teachers, increases student and teacher performance, and improves classroom management and overall health.

Our simple, easy to implement yet engaging curriculum fosters that focused, relaxed setting for classrooms. Our health and wellness programs empower teachers and enable students to improve their concentration, coordination, self-monitoring, and social skills.