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In today’s high speed world, yoga is a fun way for kids to gain focus, flexibility and strength. It is also low-impact exercise, requires little equipment and can be done indoors or outdoors.  Check out our many options for pumping up the fun, fitness and finesse.

The objective of our children’s programs is to give sensitive, artistic children, who are prone to feeling anxious, angry or depressed as well as children with ADHD, sensory integration difficulties or mild cerebral palsy, or identified with ADS the opportunity to receive the benefits of yoga in private or semi-private yoga classes. We also offer classes to children who are home-schooled.

The truth is that yoga works so well because it soothes the nervous system, strengthens the immune system, and gives children a place to feel comfortable in their bodies.  To name a few more benefits, yoga practice reduces anxiety and improves balance and coordination with gentle, low impact, structured movement, breathing exercises, games, and relaxation.   As the children learn to relax deeply, they sleep better and feel good all over. With this, their focus, self-esteem, social interaction and performance increase.

Please contact Eva to schedule an appointment for a private or semi-private class for your child, your family or a group of friends.



Family Yoga:   Fun  &  Fitness!  

Family Yoga is a special way to reconnect parents and children, strengthening bonds, learning and having fun together.  Everyone will be successful in Family Yoga–even if you question your fitness!  Improve focus, body image, listening skills and balance!

Here’s what participants have to say:

            “My daughter and I find that yoga helps us to relax and gives
us tools to help with some chronic health issues.  We look
forward to our weekly class all week long.”
                                                                                                Kay K. 

“I love yoga because it is fun and it makes me relaxed.  Before
yoga started, I felt stressed.  Now I feel a lot better.  So I think
you should try yoga.”
                                                                      Asha S., 9 years

Fees are reasonable:     $ 70/ hr for One Family – up to 3 family members
      $ 85/hr for Two Families – maximum of 7 people
                                  $100/hr for Groups of 8 -12 people         


 Contact Eva to schedule your appointment                       

Family Yoga is fun for all!


Come see what we can all do
together in a Family Yoga class!


We love to practice yoga together!