Eva Rosenkranz

Eva Rosenkranz, Founder & Owner of wellYes Today

wellYes Today began in 2006 as Yoga Education for Schools, specifically seeking to bring wellness and stress reduction life strategies to students and teachers.  Today, the organization has expanded its scope to include health promoting classes for all ages and ability levels.

The company’s founder and owner, Eva Rosenkranz, is the visionary behind wellYes Today. A former competitive athlete, Eva quickly recognized the power of yoga to simultaneously relax, recharge, build strength, create flexibility  and respect one’s body as benefits never fully received from the other sports she participated in.  Her mission is to help children and adults live and breathe with more ease  so they can enjoy life more and fulfill their optimal potential.

For more than 30 years, Eva has been enjoying the many benefits of practicing yoga.  She is an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, holds certifications with the Himalayan Institute, Yoga Alliance and is certified by Yoga Ed. to teach the Yoga Tools for Teachers workshops and Yoga Ed.’s curriculum for children in Kindergarten through 8th grades. She also has advanced specialty training  for children three to six years of age (The Radiant Child program) and to help children with learning differences (Every Kid’s Yoga) such as anxiety, sensory processing and self-regulation, ADHD and mild cerebral palsy. As a former Montessori teacher, she taught children with Dyslexia and related disorders at the Shelton School in Dallas.

Ms. Rosenkranz is also certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, a Japanese technique for balancing energy. This natural and simple practice promotes relaxation and healing, as well as helps to reduce stress and pain.


Testimonials  about Eva’s Ayurvedic Yoga classes…

My daughter and I find that yoga helps us to relax and gives us some tools to help us with some chronic health issues. We look forward to our weekly class all week long,    Kay K.

I love yoga because it is fun and it makes me relaxed. Before yoga started, I felt stressed. Now I feel a lot better. So I think you should try yoga,    Asha S., 9 years


Testimonials  about  Reiki sessions…

Since my father’s death I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety , in spite of the medications I have been taking. No matter how bad I felt, after a Reiki session with Eva I always felt better, lighter, and more at peace with myself, my father and the world. I appreciate Eva for all the support she has given me,        Lyn U.

As a child, I had a severe accident which left my head, neck, left shoulder and spine in extreme chronic pain.  Yoga, massage and chiropractic work have helped me over the years reduce this pain; however, Reiki gave me a new dimension of pain relief and relaxation!  After every session I sleep for about two to three hours,    Candace L.

Eva is an old friend of mine. When she told me about Reiki, particularly long distance Reiki, I was skeptic, but intrigued. When she sent me Reiki energy, I was out of town and in dire physical pain that lead to A high anxiety level.  I didn’t realize Reiki was being performed since I waited for a cue that she was starting. However, as I waited for the cue, I felt a gentle calmness wash over me. My back pain eased. As my body relaxed, my mind found peace,    Dori B.


Testimonials about Yoga Tools for Teachers Workshops

…would love even more continuing education in teacher/student health.

…many yoga tools which I can integrate in my lessons.

…exercises which don’t need extra space!

…very useful during instruction – good for a teacher’s own health too.

…finally an offer to support teachers’ health – should be attended by many colleagues!

…the training was for me equally relaxing and stimulating!

…Eva Rosenkranz was able to convey the yoga tools with her calm, serene attitude very well.


Testimonials of students, whose teacher applied the yoga tools before testing

17 students in the final class (10th grade) of Johann-Winklhofer-Realschule, Landsberg, in Germany were introduced to Yoga Tools by their English teacher, Claudia Sepp.
As Claudia received the Tools for Teachers training only about 2 weeks before the final exam, she immediately began to teach these tools to her class. She used a few minutes of her class time to practice centering techniques in the classroom while the students were seated at their desk. After the final exam, Claudia asked her students the following questions:

1. What did you think about the yoga exercises directly before the final exam?
2. What did you think about them in general?

Although a few children had reservations or strictly rejected the exercises, the vast majority appreciated them, found them helpful and calming.  Here are some of the students in their own words (translated into English):

…great, because it was calming and released stress.

I found that the yoga exercises were super, because I felt very relaxed so I could concentrate better. This surely helped me in another class too.

I have not participated in the exercises, but I appreciate your efforts and am sure that there are students, you helped very much by offering relaxing techniques.

Yoga was helpful, but took some time away from the test preparation. We were calmer during the exam.

…great, because I was better able to concentrate.

… great, because it helped us lighten up, and everyone was distracted from worrying about the exam.

…great, because I was more relaxed when I started the exam.

…great, but we should have started these exercises earlier during the school year. Therefore, please start practicing them earlier next year.

…terrific, because we were calmer and could concentrate better.

… funny and good, because we could calm down somewhat before the exam. Regrettably, some students did not take it seriously.