Month: February, 2013

What Can You Expect from Practicing Yoga with Your Child?

Experience profound trust and joy with your child!

The Ayurvedic answer would be: it depends.  In my opinion it really depends on the age and even more on the maturity of a child. Although it is rarely too early to start yoga, most children need to be about 3-years old to be able to imitate the movements and enjoy a 45-minute class.  Imitating the poses may be very challenging for toddlers and their moms too, because they may have to focus on their child so much that their own practice suffers.

Children, ages three and up, can imitate most of the postures and need very little help. This allows the mom to practice alongside her child and get equal benefits. Given, the class is a light yoga class, but the poses remain exactly the same, no matter if someone is three, 43 or 83 years old.

In addition to spending quality time together, bonding increases, body and mind are strengthened by exploring movement without pressure or stress. Mom and child can enjoy the gentle yoga stretches together. The breathing exercises, partner poses, games, storytelling, and even rudimentary dance further enhance well-being.  This reduces anger, stress, and anxiety. The class is overall as relaxing as it is invigorating and builds trust, body awareness, strength, endurance, balance, and focus.

Check out one of our Mom and Me classes at Grapevine Yoga, on Tuesday afternoons at 4:15 risk-free and indulge in a 45-minute mini-vacation with your child! If you did not like the class it is on us. If you enjoyed it, sign up for the series.